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Oyibo is a Marine / Mechanical Engineer. The last 20 years, Oyibo has mainly worked as a Site Manager/Owners Engineer for Power Plant projects. Focus was mainly (sub-Sahara) Africa but also the Middle East, North and South America and Europe. Projects were Diesel and Gas reciprocating engines and Gas Turbines (with or without additional Steam Turbines). Oyibo is a licensed European drone pilot.

When Oyibo has the possibility, he likes to fly drones and film, record and document his findings. At home and worldwide.
While always having interest in photography, Oyibo started "recording" the erection of the Azura Power Plant in Benin City, Nigeria. On this project, Oyibo has been involved from the first works until first fire in 2014 / 2018. It was during this period that Oyibo started filming in detail and with several cameras the process of erecting a power station. The DJI Mavic Pro and DJI Spark where the drones of service in that period. Additional, a  Nikon D2xS and D3 DLSR camera's, GoPro and Garmin Virb and Virb 360 action camera's. And of course the DJI Inspire 2 with X5S gimbal and aditional Olympus lenses

In this project, Oyibo also set the first steps in Orthophoto, 3D mapping and interactive Panotours and 360 panorama's. With the arrival of new (and better) software, Oyibo took this process to "the next level".

Oyibo on YouTube


My YouTube Page. Here you'll find a collection of the movies I have made the last couple of years. Drone movies, Travel movies, Tutorials (drone, FCPX,  Motion 5, m02), PowerRay, KTM and other stuff, Have a look



Dronelink is UAV Flight Automation platform. It is from the same people that brought you Autopilot (Oyibo VFX favorite flight app). Dronelink is the the next level. Completely programmable and share flight missions with other pilots. Oyibo VFX is a Dronelink Ambassador and beta- and Dev test pilot



When Oyibo started with drones, it was the logical choice to go for DJI. Not because of the high quality drones and camera's but because of the open platform (SDK) so other flight apps where available. Of course Dronelink (and before Autopilot) but also Litchi, MapPilot, Site Scan and others


Power Vision

As Oyibo VFX likes all aspects of drone imagery, you must also be able to go below the surface. Thats why we teamed up with PowerVision and use a PowerRay submersible camera for underwater filming.